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Parents Trample Kids For Cash in Anaconda

Parents Trample Kids In Greed Festival

This right here. Is why we can’t have nice things. During the annual Anaconda Days Festival, someone thought it would be a really good idea to hold one of the events in the parking lot of the town grocery store. Real cash in $1, $5 and $10 bills dropped from a helicopter so the kids could rush in for it.

Event organizers decided that bringing in a Helicopter to drop the money for waiting children below would be a fun way for kids to get some pocket money. I for one can not see how anything could have possibly gone wrong. Sadly though it did. Once the money started flowing things quickly degraded into what could only be called a good ruckus. Not quite a tussle but close.

Older teens and the “adults” quickly joined the fray of enthusiastic children trampling and knocking some of them around sending one little girl to the ER with scrapes and a severely sprained knee.  The injured girls’ father Herb Selvidge told ABC FOX News, Montana, that “It was mayhem,” he continued. “I’ve never seen such a thing around here. They were knocking kids to the ground, punching kids, taking money out of their hands.” (You know almost like Black Friday.)

The Distraught Parent and the Open Threat

Mr. Selvidge explained that Anaconda Kids Days event has happened before but never with a helicopter dropping cash. he is currently attempting to contact event organizers, as well as trying to get the grocery store to get give up surveillance footage to find out who is responsible for hurting his child.

It’s All Hush Hush

Oddly enough the organizers have not returned ABC FOX News requests for comment. Here is my problem. I have served on boards and committees myself and there are some really bad ideas thrown out there during brainstorming sessions. What amazes me most is that someone suggested it and other apparently educated adults saw no flaw in the plan, all the way up to the Helicopter pilot.

We can only thank God their misbegotten plan didn’t end in a child’s demise due to the parents and spectators greed.

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Riot Police at protest
                   Expect heightened security at next years Anaconda Kids Days

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