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Everyone Poops an Oppressors Review

Everyone Poops The Pros

Today I will be reviewing what could easily be called a classic in modern literature. This suspense-filled page-turner by Taro Gomi will keep you in suspense for minutes. Other incredible points about this book. In Everyone Poops, you will find stunning natural works of art.

Every sentence is written masterfully it can and does stand alone on each page. There are plot twists from the very bigging. It tells you that “An elephant makes a big poop.”Then you are hit out of nowhere with, “and a mouse makes little poop.” Rarely do I find a book with such fast-paced non-stop action like this.

The Cons

While it does not go into specific detail as other similar classics. “What’s your poo telling you.” A book on this crappy topic that I would highly recommend. However, even with its lack of specific detail. Everyone Poops surely can be called one of the great classics in literature but also will stand the test of time.

The Wipe Up

I believe our great-great-grandchildren will be sitting by a cozy fire to take the chill off the nuclear winter recounting the everlasting tale of how “Everyone Poops.”

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi Cover

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