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6 Seniors Arrested for Sex in Park

6 Seniors Arrested for Sex in Park.

Yes, you hear that right. In a sting operation, five old guys and one older woman got arrested for playing connect the liver spots. Six old guys in Connecticut were arrested in a conservation area for lewd and sexual activity, as reported by the Associated Press and KDVR.

After this successful sting operation, the horny old folks got arrested. Daniel F. Dobbins, 67; Otto D. Williams, 62; Charles L. Ardito, 75; John Linartz, 62; and Joyce Butler, 85 got detained after allegedly (on video) finding them entangled in an example of sexual activity in a Connecticut conservation area.

What Evidence Is There?

I was not exaggerating with the old folk’s thing. In the original article, it so politely states, “The arrested ages ranged from 62 to 85, are accused of meeting up for sexual activity at the Grace Richardson conservation area in Fairfield.” ACCUSED?

I think it goes a little beyond accused when police had set up surveillance and saw several violations. They got captured ON VIDEO. Some poor court is going to have to watch the video of these guys docking the spaceship, or worse. I feel for those poor people in that courtroom that day

It doesn’t stop there, or this would be boring. One of those arrested Mr. Daniel F. Dobbins was detained in May of 2017 for wandering around a New Canaan park naked. He proceeded to try to convince the officers he was exposing himself for medical reasons.

Grace Richardson conservation area in Fairfield is advertised online as a place to meet up for sex.

Moral of the Story

I would say the take away from this story would be, don’t go banging guys in a public park. Rent a sleazy by the hour motel room like a respectable pervert.

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